5 Paragraph Essay Sample – Getting Started

Five paragraph essays are easy to write. Not only does it allow the writer to write an essay easily, it also lets readers easily understand what a writer wants to say. If you are not familiar with five paragraph essays, this article is a good 5-paragraph essay sample. In addition, this article will have some few pointers on how to write an essay with five paragraphs. By the way, you are reading the introductory paragraph. This paragraph will usually let readers like you get interested first on reading further down to the next paragraph. Read on to know what the next paragraph of this 5-paragraph essay sample is.

Usually on a 5-paragraph essay sample like this, three paragraphs will follow the introduction. Those three paragraphs are the body of an essay. It will contain supporting information regarding the idea claimed in the introduction. Commonly, those three paragraphs will have their own ideas. The writer elaborates those ideas to support the idea the writer wants to portray further. Normally, a paragraph may contain at least three to five sentences to expound the main idea.

On this 5-paragraph essay sample, not only it will be divided into five parts, it will also be divided evenly. It is not that very important but it helps the reader read the essay easier. In addition, the five paragraphs will also look neat. To divide them evenly, all you need to do is to limit your word count. In case that your essay needs 1000 words, you can write paragraphs that are 200 words long. However, it does not mean that you will need to force yourself on the word count. As long as you stay near within the word count, it is fine.

You are now reading the last paragraph of this 5-paragraph essay sample. Regularly, when writing an essay with five paragraphs, the three bodies are arranged in a descending order in terms of argument. The first body of the paragraph usually has the most interesting and strongest argument of them all. Then that first paragraph is followed by the two paragraphs with weaker arguments. However, this is not an excuse that it is okay that the last two paragraphs will have poorer research. Always remember, to research all your supporting statements well and then arranged them according to their impact to the reader or relativity to the main idea.

This is now the last part of this 5-paragraph essay sample. You are now reading the conclusion. This is the location where you will put the summary of all the ideas you presented in an essay. Having you know that and see this 5-paragraph essay sample, you must now be knowledgeable on what a five-paragraph essay looks like and how it works. It will always have an introduction, three paragraphs for the body, and a conclusion.

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