5 Paragraph Essay Writing

A five paragraph essay is a useful, simple and common essay model for people who would like to improve or develop their writing skills. For instance, a student who enters the college life having a clear and good background regarding this model would find his initial year easier compared to other students who do not know 5 paragraph essay writing, that is why such model is regarded as the fundamental high school essay model. Several individuals also call this essay style as a “one-three-one” essay or a “hamburger” essay. In any case, how does 5 paragraph essay writing go?

Put simply, a five paragraph essay involves five paragraphs which are the intro paragraph, the body that consists of three main paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph in the end. Every one of such paragraphs has its own purpose and goal to achieve.

In 5 paragraph essay writing, the intro is going to provide the reader an initial impression regarding the article. Initial impression has a considerable consequence and role. It might lead the reader to hasten reading carefully an entire article as it sounds really interesting to him/her, or it might let him/her ‘go away’ with zero chance for his/her return to read it. It is the something like the initial impression a person gets when he meets somebody, it as well has a similar effect which is the “first impression lasts forever” one. A writer ought to bear that in mind whilst writing his introduction. He is required to grab his reader’s attention and keep him interested so that he would read the entirety of the article.

Now, it is time to communicate the main though of one’s essay. In 5 paragraph essay writing, a person has three paragraphs that are considered the essay body. Prior to writing he body, one needs to decide whether he is going to talk about three different ideas, 1 in every paragraph, or he would be discussing about a single idea. This totally depends upon the writer’s topic and how he is going to convince his readers with his thoughts and opinions. In case one is going to talk about three different ideas, he has to make certain to articulate the strongest idea, the one which has the major impact on the readers, in the initial paragraph and then state his facts or date that support his opinion. In 5 paragraph essay writing, a person also needs to make the three paragraphs coherent; this would make his readers enjoy his article more.

In 5 paragraph essay writing, the fifth and last paragraph of one’s essay must be a successful summary of the previous 4 paragraphs. The writer has to restate his main idea again concisely and confidently tell his readers that his point of view’s correct and is, in a way, “better” than the others’.

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