Finding Good 5 Paragraph Essay Examples

Writing a five-paragraph essay is a traditional way of writing essays. Students in school mostly use it, though professional writers seldom do. It is always assigned to students since it trains them to develop and organize their ideas when writing. In addition, it is best used when answering essay questions during an exam. Moreover, if one wants to train himself on writing essays, five paragraph essays can help them. Looking for 5-paragraph essay examples? The best place to look is on the internet. This is because most articles online have a five-paragraph structure.

Most of the writers on the internet use the 5-paragraph form because it is very easy to do. Obviously, it only has five paragraphs and it is composed of one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. Most of 5-paragraph essay examples on the internet follow this format.

Like with any other format of essays, the introduction paragraph has to reach some goals. The introduction must have the ability to capture a reader’s interest. It is a rule that a writer must not start his or her essay with a boring sentence or line. Next is to introduce the topic. This will allow readers to be engaged in the article and know what he or she will be reading about. Lastly, the writer must express his or her opinion about the topic he or she will discuss. However, in essays like those 5-paragraph essay examples online, the introduction must be direct to the point to lure in readers to finish reading the entire article or essay.

In addition, it is easy to create a body for this type of essays like with those 5-paragraph essay examples. One can just generate three supporting ideas from the main idea, and then generate three sentences for those supporting ideas. After that, he or she can just make them sentences, arrange them into paragraph form, distribute the three ideas with its sentences on three paragraphs, and alas, three body paragraphs done.

Writing this kind of essay like those 5-paragraph essay examples may seem restrictive at first but it will become easier once a writer reaches the last paragraph. The last paragraph as mentioned before is the conclusion paragraph. When writing it, all that a writer needs to do is to summarize all the points mentioned in the body paragraphs and then reinstate the main idea from the introduction. Nevertheless, the writer must avoid copying the sentences from the previous paragraph.

If you check those 5-paragraph essay examples on the internet, you might find them easy to read or to understand. In addition, it is a relatively easy and good way to deliver information. If one practices this kind of form, he or she can even match up the quality of those 5-paragraph essay examples on the internet.

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